Please join us on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, at 7:00 PM for this Franciscan Vision Series Lecture on the tradition of Franciscan meditation on the Life of Christ!

While Franciscans did not invent the practice of meditating on the Life of Christ, Franciscans did make a particular contribution to that tradition. Francis and Clare gave rise to the tradition of meditation on the Life of Christ. This presentation will look broadly at this Franciscan tradition through the lens of these and other questions: How did this tradition understand the dynamics/structure of this meditation? How was it related to contemplation? Was this practice related to fraternal and ministerial life? Did it foster an individualistic spirituality, or was it an element of the common life? Was the tradition faithful to its origins in Francis and Clare? And, where does the practice stand with contemporary Franciscans?

Franciscan School of Theology Mission San Luis Rey Retreat Center, 4050 Mission Ave. Oceanside
92057. For more information, contact Donna Foley at 760-547-1800 ext. 224 or